Hi my name is Shiner. I am a very sweet Jack Russell who was returned by my first family for being too mellow. Luckily I was adopted by PVCS’ Director of Curriculum, Erin Gorence so that I can hang out with kids who can appreciate my easy going personality and all of my cool tricks. When I am not at school my favorite activities are running, swimming in the ocean, riding on my boat and generally being better behaved than my crazy brother Zeus!  If you see me around campus, ask me to sing, it is my newest trick!


My name is Kiedis and I’m 7 years old.  I’m a Beagle, like Snoopy.  My Dad adopted me from the Humane Society when I was a crazy little puppy.  Since then I have calmed down and enjoy belly rubs and being petted.  I like coming to school so I can meet new students. My favorite hobby is eating and my favorite food is cheese! Please ask my dad Mr. Merrill if you can give me a treat!! When I’m not at school I like to sleep on the couch or relax at the dog beach.



Hi my name is Shiva! I am 3 years old. I was rescued from the dog pound as a puppy. I was very happy to be adopted by my family! We are very active and I love to work. Some of my favorite things are working on my training commands (especially if you have cookies), playing hide and seek with my toy called “cube”, playing with my cat’s laser light, chasing my cat (I call her chew toy) and kissing my bunny! When I am not at home you can find me swimming in the ocean or grandma’s pool or playing with my friends at the Moreno Valley Hound Town dog park!
LuLu is my name, and education is my game. You will find me on campus daily, meeting and greeting my friends at school. However, I do take the summer off to rest and come back refreshed for the new school year. If you see me around campus stop and say hi…I am always happy to make new friends.


Meet our newest Therapy Dog…Hi I’m Stella Louise and I am 1 ½ years old. I am part Poodle, Terrier and Chihuahua. I was the only black puppy of all my brothers and sisters. Ms. Talina in the Computer Lab adopted me from a student at PVCS. I love long walks, squeaky toys, and sunbathing! My favorite part of coming to school is being held and cuddled by the students.



Hi nice to meet you my name is Skippy. My family rescued me in March 2012 from a shelter.  They don’t know exactly how old or what  breed I am, and I am not telling. I’m a perfect fit for my human family – I am friendly and gentle.  When they first met me, I had an injured leg.  Mom and Dad thought I was limping, my boy’s thought I was skipping.   So now you know why I am “Skippy”.  I was a little timid when I came home from the shelter, oh and a little stinky too –  I had a disagreement with a skunk.  But with the love of the Pak family I have become an outgoing dog who loves everyone he meets.  I really enjoy a good pet, just saying.   I love coming to work and getting the extra attention from the staff and students.

Sir Spencer


Hello there, my name is Sir Spencer.  I am 5 years old but sometimes I act like a puppy.  I am lucky enough to be a part of the Meck family.  My mom, Mrs. Meck, is the Lead Teacher in the K8 Department.   I am, by far, the most handsome West Highland Terrier, or, Westie for short.  I like to visit the K8 classes – those kids know how to pet!  When I am at home, my favorite things to do are snuggle with blankets, play with my toys and go for walks.  I am often a little naughty but shhh, don’t tell my mom.



Hi pleasure to meet you, my name is Mocha.  I am a Boston Terrier French Bulldog mix – they call me a Frenchton for short. I have an under-bite, so don’t laugh too hard if my bottom teeth are hanging out. I just had my first birthday Mom says I am still a puppy and learning how to be a therapy dog.  I am full of energy and  love cuddling and playing with the students.  My favorite things to do are play with toys and cuddle with my mom, Mrs. Campanelli. I love humans so if you see me on campus stop to pet me and you will be my new best friend.



Hi my name is Lola. My owner is Gina Campbell, she runs the school. Her daughter, Chrissy, rescued me when they came to visit the Escondido Humane Society. I am five years old now. They have been my family for four years. They take me places with them because I am such a good girl when I am in public. When I have my toy I love to run and have people chase me. Playing is my favorite thing. I enjoy coming to school with Gina and meeting all the students. It makes me happy when students stop and pet or talk to me.  So when you see me on campus come over and say “hi”.



Hi my name is Karli, I am 2 years old.  My mom is a golden retriever and my dad is a standard poodle so I am what’s known as  golden doodle.  I am really loving and very smart.  I did pass my Good Citizen test on the first try and am one of the therapy dogs at Pacific View.  I love coming to school to be around students because my favorite thing next to a good squeaky toy is people. When I get home after a busy day at school, I love to go to the dog park or the beach and play fetch.  I love to run and retrieve the ball and bring it back to anyone who will throw it for me. When you see me at school come up and say hi and make sure you pet me because I love that too.