(760) 757-0161

Name Title Ext. Email


Gina Campbell Founding Executive Director 105
Kira Fox Director of Central Office and Finance 105
Erin Gorence Director of Curriculum 110
Gayl Johnson Director of Student Services 112

Front Office

Lori Bentley HR and Business Specialist 128
Zuleyma Hernandez Business Services Assistant II 148
Erica Torres Registrar 146
Mary Jane Gardner Business Services Assistant I 142
Amanda Johnson Office Clerk 133
Ana Hernandez Bilingual Office Clerk 101

High School

Kathi Cohen Lead Teacher High School  104
Dallas Avery High School Supervisory Teacher 106
Alexander Baker High School Supervisory Teacher 121
Jodi Campanelli High School Supervisory Teacher 111
Joe Chutuk High School Supervisory Teacher 120
Lisa Detavernier High School Supervisory Teacher 127
Patrick Garrett High School Supervisory Teacher 119
Diane Gibson High School Supervisory Teacher 107
Jacqueline Hillier Valdez High School Supervisory Teacher 156
Gabriella Liem High School Supervisory Teacher 113
Megan McCrary High School Supervisory Teacher 143
Robert Merrill High School Supervisory Teacher 130
Katie Quezada High School Supervisory Teacher 115
Julie Raab High School Supervisory Teacher 134
Kasandra Smith High School Supervisory Teacher 122
Geoffrey Weeks High School Supervisory Teacher 117
Byron Winick High School Supervisory Teacher 123

Elementary and Middle School

Geoff Weeks Interim Lead K-8 Teacher 117
Elizabeth Key K-8 Supervisory Teacher 138
Lindsey Pak K-8 Supervisory Teacher 124
Mindy Shea K-8 Supervisory Teacher 129
Katie Whitaker K-8 Supervisory Teacher 108

Support Staff

John Sturm Technology Technician 132
Wendyam Ouedraogo Lead Instructional Aide\Student Support Assistant 100
Celia Hernandez  Counselor 102
Abigail Long Palomar Family Counseling 141
Paolo De Castro Psychologist 137
Noelle Sellman Speech Pathologist 153
Kim Kleiber Enrichment/Intervention Instructor 100
Jose Antonio Instructional Aide 100
Hannah Gardner Instructional Aide 100
Holly Persons Instructional Aide 100
Melissa Kann Instructional Aide 100
Melsadies Davis Instructional Aide 100
Lisa Mailliard Instructional Aide & Enrichment/Intervention Instructor 100
Sydney Richelieu Instructional Aide 100
Emily Berry Instructional Aide 100
Amy Walker-Pinneo Instructional Aide 100
Lisa Clermont Instructional Aide 100

Special Education

Linda Moore Special Education Coordinator 135
Chandra Dimitrievski Resource Teacher 136
Kristen Enyedi Resource Teacher 118
Melissa Harkiewicz Resource Teacher 155
DeAnna Allen (Moreno Valley) Resource Teacher 213


(951) 697-1990

Name Title Ext. Email
Kathy Meck Interim Site Supervisor 202
Barbara Lert Supervisory Teacher 214
Brenda Cardona Supervisory Teacher 211
Stacey Tiffany Diaz K-8 Supervisory Teacher  201
Tyler Gregston Supervisory Teacher 207
Celina Sheng Supervisory Teacher 209
Edwin Reza K-8 Supervisory Teacher 208
Derry Parler Supervisory Teacher 205
DeAnna Allen Special Education Instructor 213
Deborah Malana Administrative Assistant 204
Maria Morin Office Clerk Bilingual 212
Yvonne Garcia Lead Instructional Aide 203
Joceline Wehbe Ghawi Instructional Aide 203
Jennifer Sandoval Instructional Aide 203
Paola Lara Instructional Aide 203


Current Salary Schedules

Archived Salary Schedules