A Personalized Learning Environment
Our students are supported by credentialed teachers who provide one-on-one, face-to-face instruction and an extensive offering of online classes.

Pacific View Charter (PVC) is a TK-12 charter school established in 1999 and located in Oceanside, CA, and Moreno Valley, CA. As a tuition-free charter school, we serve TK-12 students in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, and Imperial County.

The essence of Pacific View Charter School can be defined by its modest size, its dedicated staff, its robust yet flexible curriculum, and its authentic personalized learning approach. These four tenants are implemented in an environment that nurtures each student while simultaneously teaching students to be accountable for their actions.

Our Performance: We are a WASC-accredited school, and our performance is measured by the same state indicators as all California Public schools are measured. Although a small school, PVC outperformed many traditional public schools in English, math, and science when measured for academic growth during the 2020-2021 Covid years.
As a school of choice in the past 23 years, PVC has cultivated an environment conducive to supporting those students for whom the mainstream schools are not a good fit. The regimented routine of sitting in a large class can be overwhelming for some students as they may get lost in a sea of anonymity. Even for our middle school, a high percentage of students choose to stay in our High School program.

Staff at PVC is selected not only based on their qualifications alone but also on whether they embrace the PVC culture, values and mission.
Staff comes from diverse backgrounds that mirror our student body and can identify with students’ lives outside of school, and provide an inclusive environment in school. As life challenges may impact academic achievement, our staff always goes the extra mile to support students.
PVC prioritizes professional development for staff, continuously enabling the team to expand their tool and skill set.
Our staff work closely together as a team to support each of our student’s path to graduation. This common objective, the sense of value, is perhaps the reason for the low attrition rate of our staff.

Since 1999, the school has been continuously optimizing its different learning programs to cater to a wide range of students. We offer both a distance learning program and an on-site hybrid program. PVC offers A-G, NCAA, as well as foundational and intervention classes.

Pacific View Charter is a small school that provides a safe and inclusive environment in which students find it easier to make friends. Frequent communication between students, parents, and staff presents the opportunity to build strong relationships.

Personalized Learning
The synergy between being a smaller school, owning a robust yet flexible curriculum, and the composition of our staff enables us to offer an optimized personalized learning model. For example, the preferred learning style, as well as the student’s home environment, are taken into consideration when the specific learning program is recommended. To customize the students’ learning process, the supervisory teacher individually meets with each student, to identify their unique needs and help them explore their interests as they learn. Teachers and staff provide a wide range of tutoring options, both virtually and in-person, to help support students academically. Special education teachers are also available to help provide additional resources to students with IEP plans.
A student population that is at risk of not completing high school needs extra help to succeed academically. Pacific View Charter School has been successfully offering personalized education for more than twenty years and is exceptionally skilled and experienced to support these students.