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A graphic creative and going out with sim sport which includes gay relationship packed with spectacular CGs, musical, express acting and massage treatment design!

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A graphic creative and going out with sim sport which includes gay relationship packed with spectacular CGs, musical, express acting and massage treatment design!

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Comprehensive Provider ? BL/Yaoi/Gay Games ? Relationships Sim ? Vision Unique

Video Gaming · Laredo, United States Of America · Herculion

An aesthetic novel and a relationship sim sport that features gay love filled with attractive CGs, sounds, words performing and rub down theme! Look at Kickstarter

    $96,325 of $20,000 2500 increased (482percent)

Giants of Murka: Chromatic Gamut

Tabletop Gaming · Columbus, United States · Measures Fabrication

A queer-led, queer-designed 5e pill with huge homosexual focus, occurring in a satirical, high-fantasy form of New York City! View on Kickstarter

    $57,073 of $15,000 2500 lifted (380per cent)

To Trust an Incubus Bara Yaoi BL Gay Matchmaking Sim Visual Creative

Video Games · Las Cruces, United States · Yamila Abraham

The temp individual Kenta is quarantined in a research with Professor Raiden, their research helper Arata, and 4 HOT Incubi from another measurement! Look at Kickstarter

    $47,217 of $20,000 USD lifted (236%)

Alpha Gap Jail Yaoi Bara Gay BL Sci-Fi LGBTQ Vision Work Of Fiction

Computer Game · Santa Fe, U . S . · Yamila Abraham

Earthling Miguel becomes lives in leader Hole–a notorious area jail! This individual must make use of his appeal to get a stronger inmate to safeguard him. View on Kickstarter

    $46,854 of $40,000 USD raised (117%)

Extreme Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Online Game

Tabletop Games · Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, great britain · Sinister hairs video game titles

A tabletop RPG about available group, queerness and big programs manufactured meats. Get gay. Pilot mechs. Defeat Nazis. Look at Kickstarter

    ?31,523 of ?15,000 GBP elevated (210percent)

Coming-out Ahead – A Gay Relationship Sim Video

Game Titles · Eureka, US · Obscura

Video online game the place where you perform a homosexual school person exactly who just was released for the wardrobe. A dating sim with apprehension, humor, & sensual situations. View on Kickstarter

    $38,601 of $5,000 USD elevated (772per cent)

Mister Functional

Video Gaming · Santa Fe, US · Yamila Abraham

A Gay Bara Yaoi BL LGBT Superhero Vision Work Of Fiction Online Game View on Kickstarter

    $35,500 of $20,000 2500 brought up (178percent)

Morningdew Farms: A Fun Gay Farming Graphic Creative

On-line Games escort services in Greeley · Las Cruces, Usa · Yamila Abraham

Nice Southerner Cody finally realizes his or her dream about establishing a ranch within the Gayborhood of Morningdew! A Lot Of Fun gardening and very hot loving-Yeehaw! View on Kickstarter

    $31,450 of $20,000 2500 increased (157percent)

Legend of Rune: A BL / Yaoi Vision Creative RPG

On-line games · Iowa Area, Usa · YesterJoy Activity

a young men’ enjoy / gay aesthetic book and dating sim that mixes an epic and appealing facts with problem and RPG properties. View on Kickstarter

    $29,246 of $9,500 USD raised (308%)


On-line Computer Games · California, US · Heather Plants

A visual novel/mech brawler about homosexual catastrophes beating up neonazis in giant programs made of animal meat. View on Kickstarter

    $26,907 of $22,000 USD raised (122percent)

Robin Morningwood Vacation

Video Gaming · Lille, France · Grizzly Gamer School

Robin Morningwood vacation is a gay (bara) sexual online dating machine and journey game. Take on Kickstarter

    €18,119 of €12,000 EUR raised (151percent)

The Divine Speaker – An Illusion BL/Yaoi/Gay Visual Novel

Video Games · Hobart, Australian Continent · Two and a Half Studios

A BL/Yaoi vision creative following escapades of Raen while he’s placed from his residence and tries collection. Exactly what is actually destiny, anyway? Look at Kickstarter

    $29,500 of $16,060 AUD increased (184percent)