Home test kit link for families: https://www.covidtests.gov

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 8-15-2022

Covid Update (Moreno Valley) Posted 7-28-2022

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 7-25-2022

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 7-18-2022

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 7-14-2022

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 7-8-2022

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 7-7-2022

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 6-27-2022

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 5-23-2022

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 5-16-2022

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 4-19-2022

Covid Update (Moreno Valley) Posted 4-19-2022

Parent Letter Regarding Mask Requirements

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 12-14-21

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 11-16-21

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 11-1-21

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 9-28-21

Covid Update (Moreno Valley) Posted 8-25-2021

Covid Update (Oceanside) Poster 8-16-2021

Covid Update (Moreno Valley) Posted 8-16-2021

Covid Update (Oceanside) Posted 8-5-2021


Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families 5-27-2021

Covid Update Moreno Valley 5-10-2021

Covid-19 Safety Plan Updated 7-28-2021

Covid-19 Guidance Checklist 1-27-2021

Covid-19 Operations Written Report

Symptom Checker
Symptom Checker (Spanish)
Covid-19 Decision Tree (Students/Families) (Staff)

Covid Update for both Campuses 1-21-2-021

Covid Update Oceanside 1-15-2021

Covid Update Moreno Valley 12-8-2020

Oceanside and Moreno Valley Campus Closure 12-4-2020

Classroom Closure in Moreno Valley 12-1-2020

Temporary Oceanside School Closer 11-30-20

Oceanside Covid Report 11-30-20

Oceanside Covid Report Updated 11-16-2020

Covid-19 Updated 5-12-2020


The link below contains a list of locations offering free food services during school closures.

Known food Sites Oceanside

Feeding San Diego

Known Food Sites Moreno Valley

Feeding America Moreno Valley

The link below is for Rental/Housing Assistance.

Rental Assistance

The link below is obtaining Internet for free or a reduced price.

Emergency Broadband Benefit

Getting Internet Access