This is a five-day-a-week homeschool program, led by a California credentialed teacher, requiring a student to be supported at home by a learning coach. A learning coach (age 18 or older) is the person who will ensure that their student is completing their daily required work, doing the necessary teaching, and making sure that their student is learning what they should be learning. Students must complete work every school day and the families meet regularly with their teacher to ensure learning is happening. The school provides the curriculum and supports the student and the learning coach, as needed.

Parental involvement

Strong communication is needed between parents/guardians and teachers. This happens through regular communication and required bi-weekly meetings.

Instruction and Tutoring

TK-3 Students have access to daily Reading, Math and Enrichment live lessons with the teacher.
Grade 4-5 have access to weekly Reading and Math lessons with the teacher. They also have access to virtual tutoring five days a week.

Campus Activities

Winter Festival
Field trips/Field days
Family Game/Movie Night (Moreno Valley)
Back to School nights (Oceanside)

Learning platforms
TK-5 students – Calvert Education
All Reading, Math, and Enrichment lessons – Live on Schoology
Virtual tutoring

Virtual Kindergarten graduation ceremony

School Culture

Focused on:
Character Development
Growth Mindset
Therapy Dogs
Enrichment class (K-3): Art, Music History, Art History, Social-Emotional Skills, Music,


Oceanside Campus
Lead High School Teacher: Geoffrey Weeks
(760) 216-7311

Moreno Valley Campus
Site Supervisor: Kathy Meck
(951) 697 1990 Ext. 202 or 760-214-4608