PVC school offers an independent study/personalized learning environment for high school students. On average, students take 2-3 courses at a time for 6-9 weeks. A student-assigned credentialed Supervisory teacher meets at least once a week with the student and parent/guardian. Students with good academic standing can concurrently enroll in courses at local community colleges/adult high schools.

Parental Involvement

At the weekly meeting, the student’s progress is discussed, content mastery assessed, next week’s assignments previewed, and long-term and short-term goals are set with curriculum and course completion.

Instruction and Tutoring

In order to support each student’s different learning styles, instruction is offered in different formats

  • Traditional textbook-based curriculum that is Common Core aligned and UC A-G and NCAA approved
  • Workshop classes, where students receive onsite or virtual, teacher lead instruction
  • Edgenuity Online Courses, which are UC A-G and NCAA approved
  • Specialized services including 504 Accommodation Plan, special education as dictated by students’ IEPs
  • EL supports, and counseling are provided
  • Personalized learning plans.

In parallel to the core California Standards-based curriculum, supporting courses such as English Language Development and Study Skills are also offered.

Students may also access the following academic programs

  • Virtual and onsite tutoring by instructional aides in all subjects
  • Virtual or onsite weekly office hours with the Supervisory Teacher and Department Chairs
  • 1:1 college and career planning with the school counselor
  • Social/emotional counseling services through Palomar Counseling
Select Learning Program

A Day in the Life of a High School student


A Day in the Life of a: Hybrid student

Before or after attending their on-site class, the student can go to the Study Hall or the Supervisory Teacher’s classroom. In both environments, the student can receive help. Quite a few students who take classes on campus will stay the day to finish their homework in school. This will also enable students to interact with other students if they choose to and they can attend any of the clubs that commonly take place in the afternoon. From 10:20-10:40 is lunch break.
The weekly meeting with the student/parent can take place on-site or virtually.

A Day in the Life of an: Independent study student

Students who do not come to school to take classes, and study at home can request online tutoring. However, if they like more help, they can come to school and go to the Study Hall or teacher’s classroom to receive 1:1 help.
The weekly meeting with the student/parent can take place either virtually or on-site.

Physical Education (PE)

Co-Ed Sports program
Our Physical Education department/PVCS offers a Co-Ed Sports program that meets with other similar schools in a sports club for games in a variety of sports.,

Players work on skills, fitness, and strategies. They also can make friends, learn how to be a good team member, discipline, problem solve, and give students a reprieve from their daily stressors: “stress relief”. Last but not least, based on science: exercise reduces anxiety and places students in a positive mood, as it reduces the levels of cortisol and adrenaline, and simultaneously increases the level of endorphins.

Pacific View Charter School participates in inter-high school Co-Ed tournaments.

In 2022/2023 we offer soccer, basketball, and flag football, Participation/Attendance can count towards the Physical Education activity requirements as stipulated in PE Courses 1-4.

Required documents to be completed BEFORE the start of the sessions
PE Hold Harmless Agreement: Hold Harmless Agreement

Campus Activities

Winter Festival
Student Driven Clubs (Art, Debate, Game, Fund-raising )
Monthly guest speakers
Fun & Fitness event
College & Career field trips, workshops, and events
Family Game/Movie Night (Moreno Valley)

Graduation Ceremony

We acknowledge and honor the achievements of our graduates and their support network at the Escondido Center of Performing Arts. Congratulations 2022-2023 graduates!

School Culture Focus

Growth Mindset
Therapy Dogs
College and Career
Self Advocacy