Boromporn Barbara Lertpaichaiyon


UCLA – Bachelor of Arts (sociology); Cal State, Los Angeles – Masters of Arts (Education Leadership); Western Governors University – Masters of Arts (Mathematics)

Teaching Philosophy:

I truly believe that all students can learn. Math is not the easiest subject for most students. However, just the same for other subjects, an effective delivery of instruction is needed to meet the different types of learners: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. I use a variety of ways to teach math by making the subject fun and meaningful to students. Students are able to learn and retain the materials better if what they learn can be readily applied to real life situations. I also believe that the idea of “small, but often” assessments is a vital part of the teaching and learning process. Formal or informal evaluation should be consistent and frequent. This allows both teacher and students to assess and to reflect upon the mastery of the materials.