This hybrid program follows the more traditional class structure consisting of 4-days/week on-campus classes and 1-day a week virtual classes. The key benefits of this blended learning model are that students develop their social and collaborative skills in the classroom, and self-discipline to attend the teacher-led real-time online classes.

Parental involvement

Strong communication between parent/guardians and teachers with required weekly meetings.

Individualized Attention.
Small class sizes.
Extension classes to support student needs in Math and ELA.

Instruction and Tutoring

Middle School students grades 6-8 are offered the choice of the independent Home Study Program or a hybrid 4-day onsite, 1 day virtual learning program. An after-school program is available for students to do their homework with the help of a tutor.
The online learning programs used are Edgenuity and Amplify.

Campus Activities

Campus Activities
Winter Festival
Fitness and Fun day
Back to School nights
Socializing during breaks and lunches
Field trips
Formal Promotion Ceremony: to honor and acknowledge the achievements of 8th grade students

School Culture

Social-Emotional Skills
Character Development
Growth Mindset
Therapy Dogs