Introduction Student Services

Pacific View Charter predominantly serves students who have had significant challenges in the traditional school setting and are seeking an alternative program to support their academic and social and emotional needs. Pacific View’s student services assists students and families with the support they need to feel safe, welcome, and to find success on their educational journey.

Several support systems are available to students at PVC such as:

  • Palomar Family Counseling: both onsite and virtual telehealth options for students
  • Care Solace: mental health and substance abuse referral assistance for students and families
  • Student Success Team meetings and IEP meetings for students needing additional support for both academic and behavioral needs
  • Classroom behavior management system based on Restorative Practices
  • Peer mediation meetings
  • Assistance with connecting families to various community resources for health and well being
  • Volunteer opportunities on campus
  • Student clubs

Director of Student Services is available to meet with students and families to assist with meeting the needs of each student at Pacific View Charter and can be reached at or (760) 757-0161 Ext 112