Summer Session (Track 1 July 1st Start date)

We are enrolling for the 21/22 School Year including Summer 2021 (Track 1/July 1st start date).

Pacific View Charter School’s independent study Track 1 program starts July 1st, during the summer. Virtual or In Person Learning is available.

Students take 2 classes at a time for 6- 9 weeks.

Students and a parent/guardian meet weekly with their assigned teacher to track progress and complete assessments.

Students who wish to take PE must take it as a third class.


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  • Counselor Permission Form

    A referral from your student’s current school counselor is recommended before enrolling in classes.  All parents will be required to sign a waiver stating that it is their responsibility to have summer classes approved by their school counselor prior to enrolling in Pacific View’s Summer Session.

  • Steps to Enrollment   (English) (Spanish)

    • 1 – Complete the online enrollment by clicking Enroll Now
    • 2 – Submit all the required documents:  birth certificate, immunization records, two proofs of residence, transcript and counselor form.
    • 3 – You will be contacted to set a registration appointment with a teacher (for June 21st – June 30th)
    • 4 – Be ready to start your courses on July 1st

Additional Information

Pacific View Charter is a tuition free California Public School.

Students wanting to take only one class for 3 weeks must start on July 1st.  We also don’t recommended that students take two core classes during summer session as the class is accelerated.

The highest math classes offered are Math 3, Algebra 2, Statistics and pre-Calculus.

Chemistry is NOT offered during the Summer Session, but students can take A-G Physics through Edgenuity

Students wishing to take A-G approved Biology at the Oceanside campus have the option to enroll in a workshop class that meets 2x per week for the entire session.

Math 1A , Math 1B, Math 2A and Math 2B will be offered in a workshop course 5 days a week for 2 hours a day at the Oceanside campus.

PE must run as a 3rd class and takes the entire 6 week session to complete. Only one semester of PE may be taken during the summer session.

Students have the option of taking both A/S1 and B/S2 of a course consecutively. For example US History A for the first 3 weeks, US History B for the 2nd 3 weeks.

Summer Session Announcements

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